"I love to work on complicated, constructive pieces and often there is some reference to a bowl but not as a 'functional' object. The work I make is intended to be more sculptural than practical.
As finer becomes extruded clay as more fragile and more delicate it becomes. It is a challenge and that is what intrigues me the most in the work I make - the challenge. There is always the risk factor, while making the piece. Will it survive drying or firing process? That is the question I ask myself every time. More complicated pieces would also have up to five glaze firings and on average, during the entire making process, only half of the pieces will survive."

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How to buy?
- Each piece I make is unique and it is impossible to make exact copy. However, if you would like to purchase a piece that has already been sold, you can place a commission for a similar piece.

Please contact me by email to enquire about purchasing and/or commissioning any of the work in the Gallery.

Payment: cheque only

Note: Postage, package and insurance are not included in the quoted price.